Coaching by Susanne Linke for professional dancers, dance groups and companies

    COACHING by Susanne Linke

    Susanne LInke Workshops Coaching for professional dancers dance groups  companies
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    1985+1997  -    India/Madras for a dance group and duet with Chandra Lekha´s dancers

    2004/2005   -    Florenz for the dancers of Versiliadanza (Angela Torriani-Evangelisti, Agostino Aresu, Elisa                                         Barucchieri, Rossella Canciello, Leonardo Diana, Alexija Lyndin, Claudio Malangone, Paolo                                     Mereu, Elisabetta Rosso, Paola Vezzosi, Roberta Voltolina) directed by Angela Torriani                                             Evangelisti for the solo dances

    2005             -    Grenoble with DIT-Companie für die Choreographie „Les Louphoques“ by Robert Seyfried            2005             -    Vancouver for a group choreography by Lola Mac Laughlin

    2008             -    Zurich for the solo dance evening „Lung Mei“ by the dancer Denise Lampart

    2009             -    Potsdam for unrecorded solo dances by Mary Wigman with the dancer Fabian Barba

    2010             -    Berlin for the solo dance evening part with Stefanie Felber

    2011             -    Berlin for the duet evening part Rosella Canciello and Simona Manza

    2011             -    Essen for dancer of Folkwang Tanzstudio as young choreographers in "Young Works"

    2011             -    Mexico in Gaunajuato under the direction of Lola Lince

    2012             -    New Dehli Gati-Dance under the direction of Anusha Lall

    2013             -    Mexiko in Guanajuato for solo dance "Human Animal" by Lola Lince

    2014             -    Berlin with Katja Erfurth 2 dance pieces "Liebe" und "Angst" of "Affectos humanos" by Dore                                     Hoyer

    2014             -    Mexiko in Guanajuato for solo dance evening "Huan Animal" by Lola Lince

    2014             -    Köln Solo dance evening "Aurea" by Emanuele Soavi


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